Family carries such a strong and emotional meaning conveying a whole story. Your story. It is a joy, many smiles, understanding and support for each other. A family together is an incredible force.

Together we will create wonderful photographs and show a cozy family atmosphere. I will help you to find suitable clothes, accessories, toys and all kinds of props for your child. For our shooting it is very important that not only you, but also your family are comfortable.

Children are all different and require a special reverent approach. The most important thing is the child’s trust in the photographer. I try to get to know every one in advance and, if possible even for a short time, to meet before the shooting, so that we get to know each other better and discuss the details of the photosession and exchange our ideas.

During the shooting, it is very important to give the child a special task: offer to play with the favourite toy, to make a surprise and show something new and sometimes – just to tickle and to kiss the baby. Of course, it all depends on the age itself, as well as the mood and character of the child. I like to communicate with children and try to catch that very unique shot, catch the emotion. My shooting is often accompanied by dance and music, I love fun and activity.

Together we will decide if your family photosession will take place outdoors or in the studio. We can also organize the shooting at your home. Do not forget to thank your child after the photoshooting – treat him with some sweets or turn on his favourite cartoon.