Portrait photography is a perfect opportunity to tell about yourself, your character, interests, hobbies, profession. In a portrait, it is very important to reveal a person, help him or her to relax and be himself, not be afraid of the camera.

Together we will turn any ideas into reality. I will help you to choose the location for the shooting according to your wishes, and we will also work out the outfits for the photosession in detail. I will tell you how to choose a make up, accessories, as well as possible additional props. Details play a huge role. In my work I try to convey the character of a person as much as possible and to show the individuality.

A portrait photosession is not only a close-up photo. This is a kind of story about you, which includes many diverse photos. Among the pictures there will be photos in full growth, closed portrait and even very detailed portrait. We can organize a photosession in the nature / city and in a photostudio.

We will create stunning live shots. I will tell you how to relax and feel comfortable during the shooting. My photosessions are often accompanied by music and dancing, for me the main thing is an individual approach to each person. Trust me and everything will work out!