Are you waiting for a baby coming soon to your family and you want to capture this moment with some beautiful photos? You are not sure how to prepare for a photoshoot, what to wear and where to organise it? No problem, I will gladly help you.

Waiting for a baby is one of the most beautiful and valuable moments in our life. Of course, I would like to capture the memories of this wonderful period, because this is a part of your family’s history. The most comfortable time for photographing pregnancy are 7 and 8 months. At this time, the tummy is gaining an attractive shape, and the woman is burning with excitement, she is looking forward to that cherished day when the baby appears. During this period it is also more calmly and comfortably to take pictures than at the 9th month.

Together we will discuss all your ideas and wishes, I will help you to choose the outfit that suits you, give advice and recommendations with the makeup and possible accessories. The most important thing in your clothes is convenience and comfort. Your outfit should not hinder your movements, create feelings of discomfort and tension. The best option would be something light and airy, but other outfits are also possible, depending on your taste and the shooting’s concept.

Most often I organize a pregnancy photosession in a photostudio. It has everything you need to create a good lighting, a cozy atmosphere and tranquility. You can change your clothes, take a short break, receive photos which were taken in different photozones. We can also organize a shooting at your home, having previously discussed all the details with me.

What should be done before coming to a photosession? Nothing, just relax. Enjoy this wonderful period of your life, feel especially beautiful, convey your motherly love through the photos. Rejoice, smile, love yourself. Do not search any supernatural photos on the Internet, do not get crazy by thinking about posing, don not try to look like some celebrities. Just trust me – we will find your individual solution.