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Life is not perfect but your outfit can be

Living in Hamburg and don’t know where to buy a luxurious evening dress? The mass market cannot provide suitable options, but you want to find something unique? Then the Five Studio evening fashion store in the center of Hamburg is just what you need. It is a jewel of elegance, featuring designer collections such as Sima Couture and Chic & Holland. Here you can also choose dress accessories and use the services of Brow und Make Up Bar. This is a perfect place to feel like a queen and to get ready for that very special event.

Five Studio is a fulfilled dream of 5 sisters who have opened a store of exclusive evening dresses. One of its founders, Tamina, spoke in an interview with the High Heels Society about the idea of starting a business, the sources of inspiration and what a perfect buyer looks like.

Store Address:

Colonnaden 72

20354 Hamburg